Father Deane Achievement Award 2014-2015

Enkindles the spirit & education philosophy of Fr. Patrick Deane
Uncover touching experience & achievements of St. Louis Students
• Father Deane Foundation Fund
I. Brief History of Father Deane
12 Jun 1926
Born in Goaulane, Castlegregory, County Kerry, Ireland
Oct 1943
Joined Salesian Order in Palaskenry Ireland
14 Feb 1949
Arrived in Hong Kong; Studied philosophy at Shaukiwan
1951 to 1954
Worked and taught at Aberdeen Technical School
1954 to 1958
Studied Theology in Melchet Court, Hampshire, England
1958 to 1963
Returned to Hong Kong and stayed at Aberdeen Technical School
Aug 1963
Transferred to St. Louis School
Became Prefect of Studies at St. Louis School
Became Principal of St. Louis School
Retired due to Parkinson disease
Returned to Ireland and stayed in nursing home
Passed away on 9 May 2007
Young Patrick Deane (left 2) & his family in Ireland in early 1950's
Fr. Deane (right 1) & Fr. Foster (left 2) in Hong Kong in late 1950's
Requiem Mass in St. Anthony's Church, Hong Kong in May 2007
Grave in Dublin, Ireland

II. A Story of Gratitude – from a Trust Fund (Father Deane Foundation Fund) to a Scholarship Award (Father Deane Achievement Award)

  • Father Deane Foundation Fund was first established in 2000 to provide supplementary care to Father Patrick Deane who retired to a nursing home in Dublin, Ireland.
  • The fund was managed as a Trust Fund under the administration of a Trustee (Father Deane Foundation Pty Ltd.).
  • A group of Father’s past students and friends formed the directors of the Trustee.
  • For seven years till Father’s death in May 2007, the Trust has appealed to St. Louis Old Boys and Father’s friends to raise money for the Fund.
  • Upon his death, the money left unused in the Fund was applied to become a scholarship for outstanding students of St. Louis School.

III. Fr. Deane’s Education Philosophy

  • Genuine belief that every student, no matter what their academic results were, can be and should be given an opportunity to be “helped and supported” in the maturing of their personalities”.
  • “In every young person, no matter how far he may seem to be from the straight and narrow, there are hidden sources of good which if properly stimulated can lead to an option for faith and honesty.”

IV. Father Deane Achievement Award (FDAA) – Mission and Objectives

  • To foster Fr. Deane’s education philosophy and to promote its practice in St. Louis School.
  • To recognize students with outstanding achievement besides academic excellence.
  • To reward not only the “outstanding and talented” ones but also those who have “stepped forward” to “make a difference” in themselves and in their community by serving those around them.

V. What is FDAA Looking For in the Students

  • Act on one’s own initiatives.
  • Aware of others’ needs and problems.
  • Readily prepared to take up personal and social responsibilities.
  • High degree of self-discipline with submission to order and rules.
  • Excel in own potentials with achievement attained through persistent effort, dedication and growth in the background of one’s unique story and personal endeavor.

VI. FDAA – Inauguration in Sep 2008

  • The FDAA program started in Sep 2008 with the first award presented in Jan 2009.


The FDAA trophies
Prize firstly awarded in Jan 2009 to winners of 2008
Hall of Fame unveiled by Secretary of Education, Mr. Suen Ming Yeung in Mar 2009


VII. FDAA Winners - 2008 to 2014


  • 2014 is the seventh year since the inauguration of FDAA in 2008.
  • In the seven years from 2008 to 2014, twenty six scholarships of $5,000 each were granted to the students and over twenty old boys had served as mentors and interviewers for the Award.












LAW Tak Lok, Owen

NG Chun Yip, Gavin





TSE Man Yin, Jason

SZE Siu-Ki

CHEUNG Tsun Wing, Jason





HUI Wing, Irving

LEE Sheung Man, Eugene

TAM Jing Wah, Arnold

LI Hiu Wang



YU Hin-Chung, Nikko


YUEN Hiu Fung, Ben

CHAN Chun Hei, Alex

HO Cheuk Yin

YIP Kam San, Jasper



YUNG Chin- Hei   


YEUNG Wing Cheung


CHAN Chun Hei, Alex


LAM Tsz Kiu & KWONG Ho Ming



HUI Yi Yuk


LUK Ka Wing

WONG Shing Kit

LAI Tat Ching & TANG Sek Hou


LAM Tsz Kiu

VIII. The 2014-15 Father Deane Excel and Beyond Program (Interim Report - Sep 2014- Mar -2015)


Assessment for 2013/14

  • A year of warm up and orientation for both the mentees and the mentors
  • With a few exceptions, relationship building is gradual and progressive with rooms for further improvement and strengthening
  • Mentees mainly on the receiving end of events/activities with minimal outputs/contributions demanded from them
  • Positive attitude and values (e.g. self confidence, people & communication skill, initiatives) are generally observable among mentees
  • Awakening experience from events like Zheng Sheng College visit and Nanhai Middle School visit but positive behavioral changes are yet to be seen


Features of 2014/15 Program

Encourage and direct mentees to develop personal skills, cultivate positive attitude and values in themselves and turn what they have learned into actions with positive change in behavior.

  • In general, both mentors and mentees need to be more proactive to bring the relationship to the next level
  • Mentees not only to take from but also to give to the events:
    • repatriate to the school by serving as junior mentors to S1 students and become role models(the S1 Mentorship Program)
    • perform tasks to contribute in each event/activity (e.g. English teaching to primary school students plus agricultural/community service in rural Fujian)
    • as a first step in building one’s dream, to set one simple personal goal to  advance himself in the new school year


The 2014-15 FDAA Program (Sep 2014 to Mar 2015)





1. Induction Session (completed)

12 Sep 14

To mentees and student mentors

2. S1 Mentorship Program (ongoing)

Not applicable

For entire school year (2014-15)

3. Training Camp for S1 Mentorship Program (completed)

18-19 Oct 14

Camp site: Jockey Club Cheung Chau Don Bosco Centre

4. Life Experience Camp (pending)

24-28 Dec 14

Fujian Visit postponed to Jun 15

4. Job Shadowing Program (Completed)


Feb & Mar 14

Visit 4 hosts of different trade, industry and profession


  1. Induction Session (completed)
  • 12 Sep 2014 (Friday), 4 – 5 pm
  • A briefing session for student mentors of the S1 Mentorship Program
    • Clarify the role of student mentors
    • Introduce basic mentoring skills
    • Start preparation work of the training camp for the S1 Mentorship Program























  1. S1 Mentorship Program
  • Entire school year 2014-15
  • All participants are invited to be mentors of S1 students
  • Objectives
    • Improve communication skills of both student mentors and S1 mentees
    • Enhance their self-confidence
    • Improve their proactivity and initiative
    • Improve their self-understanding (strengths and weaknesses)
    • Pass on the heritage of SLS and enhance their sense of belonging

Junior mentors and S1 mentees getting to know each other through group activity



Indoor group games to foster team work



  1. Training Camp for S1 Mentorship Program
  • 18 – 19 Oct 2014
  • Orientation of S1 mentees to the St. Louis family
  • Pass on the school heritage and promote the sense of belonging
  • Ice-breaking between student mentors and S1 mentees
  • Mutual-trust building
  • Student mentors practice caring of junior S1 mentors


Team work challenge – high level tight rope balancing act


Group photo at the Cheung Chau Don Bosco Youth Centre


  1. Job Shadowing Program
  • Alumni in different trade, industry and profession are invited to serve as hosts to the participants
  • Each participant is expected to spend one day in the workplace shadowing the host
  • Objectives of the job shadowing are:
    • To widen the participant’s vision through external exposure
    • To improve communication skills of the participants
    • To enhance self-confidence of the participants
    • To improve proactivity and initiative of the participants
    • To improve self-understanding of the participants (strengths and weaknesses, personal goals and future career)


Host 1 – Artlink Design Associated Limited


Company introduction by Mr. Choy Pak-Ling, founder of Artlink Design Associated Limited



Office Tour and debriefing



Renovation site visit



Host 2 – Hong Kong Broadband Limited


Hosted by Mr. Andrew Wong, Deputy Financial Controller of Hong Kong Broadband Limited



Mock interview by Mr. Andrew Wong



Review of company information



Host 3 – Endoscopy Centre and Optometry Centre     


Introduction by Dr. Joseph Lee



Demonstration of endoscopy equipment by Dr. Joseph Lee



Trial use of optometry equipment



Host 4 – Toy Factory in Shenzen


Briefing by factory owner, Mr. Allen Chan and Mr. Kayson Chan



Factory Visit



Group photo at the factory



 The FDAA Team


  • The 2014-15 Committee:

Mr. Alex Wong(Chairman, 1969 graduate)

Mr. Sunny Cheng(1969 graduate)

Mr. Patrick Pak(1969 graduate)

Mr. Anthony Liu(1962 graduate)

Mr. Duncan Tai(1981 graduate)


  • The 2014-15 Mentors:

Mr. David Cheung(1994 graduate)

Mr. Jason Ho(2001 graduate)

Mr. Aaron Lee(1994 graduate)

Mr. Joseph Lee(1969 graduate)

Mr. Thomas Lee(1978 graduate)

Mr. Jonathan Man(1994 graduate)

Mr. Winson Nagi(1998 graduate)

Mr. David Tam(2003 graduate)

Mr. Andrew Wu(1969 graduate)

Mr. Howard Ho(2003 graduate)

Mr. Douglas Chan(2003 graduate)


  • Teacher-in-charge:

Miss Chan Man-ying, Crystal

Mr. Lui Yiu-sun, Chris


  • Supervisor:

Mr. Lo Chi-wing