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Welcome Message

Dear fellow St. Louis Old Boys,

As proud graduates of the Saint Louis School (SLS), we are deeply honored to serve as the President  and Vice President of the St. Louis Old Boys Association (SLOBA). Our school has a rich history, a strong tradition of academic excellence, and emphasis on cultivation of moral values, region and compassion.  We are committed to upholding these ideals and strengthening our alumni community.

Our vision for SLOBA is centered around our communities - the Old Boys, the school and current students. First and foremost, we want to strengthen our alumni relations. Our school has produced a diverse and accomplished group of alumni, and we believe that by creating better connections between us, we can leverage our collective talents and expertise to support one another. Please let us know what you think SLOBA could do to be relevant to you, and we certainly hope that we could get those input to organize SLOBA accordingly.

Secondly, we want to focus on supporting our alma mater. St. Louis has a unique mission to educate the whole person and to instill in our students a balance of freedom and responsibility. Under the leadership of Rector Fr. Matthew Chan and Principal Dr. Victor Yick, we can identify areas where we can be of assistance and provide the necessary resources to help our alma mater continue to thrive.

Finally, we want to ensure that we are providing meaningful support to current students. Our school has a long tradition of academic excellence and a community of vibrant extracurricular activities, from traditional interests like sports, music, and community services, to latest trends in digital, robotics and AI related events. As Old Boys, we have the opportunities to make a significant impact by pooling our resources together with opportunities to students beyond the classroom, like mentorship, company visits and internship opportunities.

To achieve these goals, we are committed to creating more transparency and accountability in SLOBA's operations. We believe that by working together and communicating openly, we can build a stronger, more effective organization that truly serves the needs of our alumni community and our alma mater.

As we move forward, we encourage all of you to get involved in SLOBA and to help us achieve our shared goals. This Facebook channel, together with our Linkedin channel, should be easy source of information for you. Please like, follow and share. Meanwhile, we are always looking for your participation, so please do not hesitate to connect with us - be it an idea, free time for volunteering, or interest in joining the SLOBA committee. 

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our fellow Old Boys, our alma mater, and the current students of Saint Louis. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working with all of you in the years ahead.


Aaron LEE (1994) / Andrew YUEN (1990)
President / Vice President

1st May, 2023