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St. Louis Old Boys’ Association Limited (SLOBA) 2022–2023

President’s Report

By Ho Wai-kit, Jason

29th April, 2023


Dear members,

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you joining our Annual General Meeting in person, finally after 3 years of COVID pandemic. Year 2022-2023 is a remarkable year in the shifting of global and local environments in almost every aspect, most of us finally can greet each other in person, and travel more freely from the beginning of this year. To SLOBA, this means that we can start going back to normal and organise more events to our members and return to the alma mater with a higher touch than ever, such as today’s Homecoming event and dinner. As the President Report, please do allow me to summarise what we did in the last 12 months in the follow groups:


To Students / Recent Graduates / Members

We have continued our great initiative of organizing internship matching since two years ago. We matched dozens of current students and recent graduates (mostly university students now) with many alumni whom offer internships, as well as industry visit. This programme is well received from all parties and certainly will carry on and expand in this coming year. I hereby thank you everyone who support this.


We also organized a joint school Table Tennis Competition as our flagship event right after COVID in the early 2023. We all have been long anticipated for this physical event and no doubt that this event re-connected many alumni and students and different schools.


In terms of academic support, in 2022-2023, we have also formalised a budget to make it more business as usual. Couple with the new leadership of the school, I truly believe that this will bring our academic, and of course, non-academic achievements to the next level.


We finally can proudly sponsor again for a few reunion dinners of alumni. As well as this very important homecoming event celebrating our 95th Anniversary of St. Louis School.


To Alma Mater and Fathers

Today we also celebrate the opening of the final phase of Biology Museum A. Bee, needless to mention that this is a very important initiative to Father, the school and may I once again thank you very much for our donors and everyone make this happen.


Thanksgiving is always our motto. Earlier this year, we cooked together with our S6 graduates for our fathers and brothers. This is a very inspirational and meaningful event and remind every of us the important of serving.


Thing to Remember

In the year of 2022-2023, we feel very sorry that our beloved committee member, Mr. Ken Kwan passed away. He definitely has demonstrated what is the meaning of “serving”. He fought for his life to the last minute and was keep helping our fathers and truly honour our god.


Last but not least, may I take this opportunity to thank every committee member and co-opts, and the supports from the school administration, and you in supporting our operations. In the coming days, I wish the Association every success in the coming terms.


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