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St. Louis Old Boys’ Association (SLOBA) was established in 1961 by Reverend Father John Foster and a group of old boys, and the president for that year was Mr. Andrew P S Wong (1959 Graduate). At the beginning of establishment, the main activities organized by SLOBA included annual meetings, dinners, and launch picnics.
In 1970, SLOBA declined gradually and activities stopped. Because of this, Reverend Father John Foster invited another graduate, Mr. Winston K S Chu to reorganize SLOBA. He led the council to begin a study room scheme, so that our students could have a better place to study during the leisure time. In 1972, the council committee decided to establish the St. Louis Youth Club. From that time, the St. Louis Youth Club has served thousands children ranging from living in rural area to urban area, from physically handicapped to mentally handicapped, and from the blind to deaf. Besides these services, it also gives leadership training to the needy members of the Hong Kong community. Under the leadership of various past presidents and the invaluable advice and support given by Reverend Father Patrick Deane, SLOBA had grown a lot.
Mr. Andrew WONG Pak-sang
Mr. Anthony WONG Sau-chun
Mr. Daniel CHIU Cheung-sing
Mr. Lawrence WOO Man-yiu
Mr. Winston CHU Ka-sun
Mr. Anthony LIU Yan-bun
Mr. Vincent CHU Ka-kun
Mr. Michael CHAN Wah-Pok
Mr. John LIU Yee-man
Mr. Peter KO Sze-ho
Mr. Daniel CHAN Chi-ngai
Mr. Joseph NG Yam-hoi
Mr. William YIP Che-man
Dr. Laurence WAN Ho-yue
Mr. Dominic YEUNG Kong
Mr. Leon LYU Tin-leung
Mr. Simon NG Chi-yeung
Mr. Albert HONG Koon-chung
Mr. Graham CHAN Ho-yin
Mr. John PO Kam-hi
Mr. Johnny LEUNG Ka-kui
Mr. Eugene HA Kee-choy
Mr. Martin SO Yirk-yu
Mr. Francis LO Tat-chi
(2015-2017) Mr. John PO Kam-hi
(2017-2019) Dr. Stanley LO Hok-king
(2019-2022) Mr. Allen CHAN Ka-lun 
(2022-2023) Mr. Jason HO Wai-Kit
(2023-) Mr. Aaron LEE Loong-Kee


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