Father Deane Achievement Award

Enkindles the spirit & education philosophy of Fr. Patrick Deane
Uncover touching experience & achievements of St. Louis Students
• Father Deane Foundation Fund
 I. Brief History of Father Deane
12 Jun 1926
Born in Goaulane, Castlegregory, County Kerry, Ireland
Oct 1943
Joined Salesian Order in Palaskenry Ireland
14 Feb 1949
Arrived in Hong Kong; Studied philosophy at Shaukiwan
1951 to 1954
Worked and taught at Aberdeen Technical School
1954 to 1958
Studied Theology in Melchet Court, Hampshire, England
1958 to 1963
Returned to Hong Kong and stayed at Aberdeen Technical School
Aug 1963
Transferred to St. Louis School
Became Prefect of Studies at St. Louis School
Became Principal of St. Louis School
Retired due to Parkinson disease
Returned to Ireland and stayed in nursing home
Passed away on 9 May 2007
Young Patrick Deane (left 2) & his family in Ireland in early 1950's
Fr. Deane (right 1) & Fr. Foster (left 2) in Hong Kong in late 1950's
Requiem Mass in St. Anthony's Church, Hong Kong in May 2007
Grave in Dublin, Ireland

II. A Story of Gratitude – from a Trust Fund (Father Deane Foundation Fund) to a Scholarship Award (Father Deane Achievement Award)

  • Father Deane Foundation Fund was first established in 2000 to provide supplementary care to Father Patrick Deane who retired to a nursing home in Dublin, Ireland.
  • The fund was managed as a Trust Fund under the administration of a Trustee (Father Deane Foundation Pty Ltd.).
  • A group of Father’s past students and friends formed the directors of the Trustee.
  • For seven years till Father’s death in May 2007, the Trust has appealed to St. Louis Old Boys and Father’s friends to raise money for the Fund.
  • Upon his death, the money left unused in the Fund was applied to become a scholarship for outstanding students of St. Louis School.

III. Fr. Deane’s Education Philosophy

  • Genuine belief that every student, no matter what their academic results were, can be and should be given an opportunity to be “helped and supported” in the maturing of their personalities”.
  • “In every young person, no matter how far he may seem to be from the straight and narrow, there are hidden sources of good which if properly stimulated can lead to an option for faith and honesty.”

IV. Father Deane Achievement Award (FDAA) – Mission and Objectives

  • To foster Fr. Deane’s education philosophy and to promote its practice in St. Louis School.
  • To recognize students with outstanding achievement besides academic excellence.
  • To reward not only the “outstanding and talented” ones but also those who have “stepped forward” to “make a difference” in themselves and in their community by serving those around them.

V. What is FDAA Looking For in the Students

  • Act on one’s own initiatives.
  • Aware of others’ needs and problems.
  • Readily prepared to take up personal and social responsibilities.
  • High degree of self-discipline with submission to order and rules.
  • Excel in own potentials with achievement attained through persistent effort, dedication and growth in the background of one’s unique story and personal endeavor.

VI. FDAA – Inauguration in Sep 2008

  • The FDAA program started in Sep 2008 with the first award presented in Jan 2009.



 The FDAA trophies
Prize firstly awarded in Jan 2009 to winners of 2008
Hall of Fame unveiled by Secretary of Education, Mr. Suen Ming Yeung in Mar 2009


VII. FDAA Winners - 2008 to 2013


  • 2013 is the sixth year since the inauguration of FDAA in 2008.
  • In the six years from 2008 to 2013, twenty three scholarships of $5,000 each were granted to the students and over twenty old boys had served as mentors and interviewers for the Award.










LAW Tak Lok, Owen

NG Chun Yip, Gavin




TSE Man Yin, Jason

SZE Siu-Ki

CHEUNG Tsun Wing, Jason




HUI Wing, Irving

LEE Sheung Man, Eugene

TAM Jing Wah, Arnold

LI Hiu Wang




YUEN Hiu Fung, Ben

CHAN Chun Hei, Alex

HO Cheuk Yin

YIP Kam San, Jasper




YEUNG Wing Cheung


CHAN Chun Hei, Alex


LAM Tsz Kiu &

 KWONG Ho Ming


HUI Yi Yuk


LUK Ka Wing

WONG Shing Kit

LAI Tat Ching &

TANG Sek Hou


  • In 2010, two award winners visited Fr. Deane’s family and home in Dublin, Ireland.


2008 award winners, Hui Wing (left) & Ben Yuen (right) together with

teacher-in-charge, Mr. Stephen So (middle), in front of Salesian monastery in Dublin



Ben Yuen, 2008 award winner, visiting the                 Visiting Fr. Foster (middle) at the Dublin

the Deane family in Dublin, Ireland in 2010                          Salesian monastery


  Country side exploration in Ireland                              Biking exploration around Ireland


  • In 2012, one award winner visited Rome and Turin in Italy to trace the life history of St. Don Bosco and the origin of the Salesian missionary.




Teacher-in-charge, Mr. Chris Lui (left) & 2009 & 2010 award winner, Alex Chan (right),

with Salesian clergyman (middle) in Colle Don Bosco, the birthplace of St. Don Bosco



Alex Chan (left) and Mr. Chris Lui (right)      Professor (also a Salesian) at the Salesian University

                                                                in front of the Salesian University in Rome



VIII. Review and Revamp in 2012/13


  • In the second half of 2012 the FDAA committee reviewed the result of the past five years with the objective to reposition the future direction and objective of FDAA.
  • As a result, the FDAA Program is revamped in 2013 into two programs of different objectives targeted a specific student groups.


IX. Moving Forward from 2013


  • The Fr. Deane Achievement Award Program is retained to recognize and award those students who have made remarkable contributions to the school in student activities, events and functions as well as outstanding personal achievements in inter- and intra-school competitions of sports, arts and science and in social community work.
  • A newly developed program, the Fr. Deane Excel and Beyond Program is to target at S3 and S4 students to support and encourage them to “step forward” to “make a difference” in themselves through participation in a series of programs of heritage excursion, life experience camp and apprentice visit etc. throughout the school year under the care and guidance of a dedicated mentor to each participant.


X. The Fr. Deane Excel and Beyond Program (FDEB) – 2013/14


  • In 2013, with a view to help students uncover, explore and develop their untapped potentials, a three-year new program has been launched.
  • Fourteen students recommended by teachers have enrolled.
  • The key features of the new program include:
    1. students are to learn about the school history and past deed of the early Salesian missionaries through heritage lesson and excursions;
    2. through participation in external visits and activities, students are to widen their experience, elevate their vision and strengthen their confidence to develop, grow and excel themselves to a higher level;
    3. each student is assigned an alumnus as his mentor to accompany and guide him throughout the school year, and ideally throughout his school life in St. Louis.
  • Five programs have been launched in the 2013-14


  1. Mentorship Program (whole year)
  • Loving care, companionship, guidance and advice from seniors can definitely contribute positively to a youngsters’ path of personal growth.
  • We invited fourteen alumni of different professions as mentors.
  • The program mainly aims at personal goal setting and counselling on learning.

Mentees training during induction session                   Mentors and mentees getting to know

                                                                                           each other at first induction


Sharing of past school life by mentorSharing of today’s school life by mentee


2. Mai Po Natural Reserve Visit (Mentor-Mentee Interaction) – 23rd Nov 2013

  • Mentors and their mentees joined a guided visit to Mai Po Natural Reserve as an ice-breaking activity.
  • An alumnus Dr. Michael Lau Wai Neng, Senior Head of Program of Local Biodiversity and Regional Wetlands, had kindly escorted us as our tour-guide.


Pre-tour briefing by Dr. Michael LauGroup photo at the Mai Po Nature Reserve

(old boy), Senior Head of Program of

Local Biodiversity and Regional Wetlands


Bird-viewing through the binocularEye-piece view


Excursion in the Mai Po Nature Reserve


3. Heritage Lesson and Excursions


  • We believe that the school heritage is an invaluable asset of the Salesian education. In order to enhance students’ understanding on Salesian education philosophy, heritage lessons to S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5 students were conducted by our ex-deputy school principal, Sir Patrick Pak, in October 2013.



School history and Salesian heritage lesson presented to S1 to S5 students by

Mr. Patrick Pak (ex-deputy school principal) during GE lessons


  • On top of the heritage lessons, two heritage excursions were arranged for the fourteen enrolled students.


Heritage Excursion 1 - Cheung Chau Visit (Cheung Chau Don Bosco Oratory) [長洲鮑思高慶禮院] and Christian Zheng Sheng College [正生書院] – 26th Oct, 2013

Father Chan Hung Kei and Brother Lam Ying, persons-in-charge of Cheung Chau Don Bosco Oratory, briefed our students the aims of establishing the oratory—to provide a place for local youngsters to gather and learn more about the Bible through various activities. Students had meaningful and inspiring discussion with local youngsters and students of Zheng Sheng College on matters including their aspirations and plans for the future. We also visited Zheng Sheng that helped us know more about the “new lives” of youngsters who had once got lost.


Spiritual advice by Fr. Matthew ChanIntroduction of the Cheung Chau Don Bosco

Oratory by Brother Lam Ying




 Sharing with students from Christian Group photo at the pier of Christian

Zheng Sheng CollegeZheng Sheng College


Heritage Excursion 2 – Aberdeen Technical School (ATS) Boarding School Visit – 4th Mar, 2014

Given that companion is vital for youngster education, campus life of boarding school plays an important role in secondary education, especially for those who are from new migrants, under-privileged or single-parent families.In the visit, Father Lam Chung Wai and Mr. Yu Lap Fun, Supervisor and Principal of ATS, introduced the school history and showed us how the regulated daily schedule of boarding school helped students develop self-discipline and lead a normal and orderly life. We also visited the workshops for technical students. Throughout the trip, we gained an in-depth understanding on the Salesian secondary education in the early history of Hong Kong.



Group photo in the ATS dormitoryATS boarding students studying in the evening




Sharing with ATS boarding school students



4. Life Experience Camp in Nanhai Zhongxue (南海中學) – 26th to 28th Dec 2013


  • Nanhai Zhongxue is a significant high school in Foshan, mainland China.
  • In the three-day-two-night visit, each St. Louis student was assigned a local student guide. Our students shadowed their guides to experience the local education.
  • Besides, they joined sharing sessions and sports activities with the local students.
  • To introduce our school to Nanhai students, our students filmed a documentary about St. Louis.
  • The documentary was narrated in English, presented by two of our students as live presenters and broadcasted to the local students through the Nanhai Zhongxue’s campus TV.


                                The school campus                                    Group photo in host & guest students pairing


             Attending class with local students                              Sharing in class



 Greeting by deputy school principal,                           Exchange of souvenirs

Mr. Li, of Nanhai Zhongxue                                                              


2 mentees presented SLS at the local TV station    Words of thanks by mentee representative

                                                                              at thanksgiving dinner


                             Saying farewell               On-site reflection meeting with mentees


5. Apprentice Day (L plus H/Jing Kung Education Press) – 25th & 27th Feb 2013


  • For our students to experience the working environment in an industrial/commercial organization, we organized two visits to local enterprises.
  • Two enterprise owners, also alumni of St. Louis, had been invited to be hosts of the program.
  • Sales and marketing demonstration and workshop visit had opened our students’ eye and mind.



Mr. Charles Chong (right 2) of L plus H with                     The L plus H management team

the visiting mentees at the                                       & the FDAA committee

textile factory                                                            



Briefing by the chief editor of Jing Kung                          Briefing by the leather factory

Education Press                                                     manager of L plus H


 6. 2013/14 FDEB Award Winners


YU Hin-Chung, Nikko             S3

YUNG Chin- Hei                       S4



XI. The Fr. Deane Excel and Beyond Program (FDEB) – 2014/15





  1. S1 Mentorship Program – Briefing Session

12 Sep 14

Participants to serve as junior mentors to S1 students in 2014/15 – role & duties, program activities etc.

  1. Mentors Briefing Session

20 Sep 14

Experience sharing, goals & expectations alignment, support & communication mechanism, introduction of 2014/15 FDEB Program etc.

  1. Heritage Program –Heritage Talk

Sep & Oct 14

GE lesson heritage talk to S1 & S6 students

  1. S1 Mentorship Program – Training Camp (Cheung Chau Don Bosco Youth Centre)

18-19 Oct 14

Ice-breaking, mutual trust building, team game/activity, self-confidence & communication skill training etc.

  1. S1 Mentorship Program – Information Session for S1 Admission

8 Nov 14


Junior mentors and S1 mentees to serve as voluntary school tour guides on the Parents Information Day

  1. Life Experience Camp – Fujian Rural Junior School Visit

24-28 Dec 14

English teaching to primary school students plus agricultural/community service in rural Fujian

  1. Apprentice Day – Job Shadowing

Feb – Apr 15

One day job shadowing by an alumnus host in his organization/work environment

  1. Mentees Assessment

2 May 15

Interview by panel

  1. Award Presentation

22 May 15

Prize presentation ceremony at feast of Mary Help of Christian


XII. The FDAA Team





Committee Members

Mr. Alex Wong (69 graduate)

Mr. Raymond Pong (69 graduate)

Mr. Thomas Leung (78 graduate)

Mr. Sunny Cheng (69 graduate)

Mr. Patrick Pak (69 graduate)

Mr. Anthony Liu (62 graduate)

Mr. Alex Wong (69 graduate)

Mr. Sunny Cheng (69 graduate)

Mr. Patrick Pak (69 graduate)

Mr. Duncan Tai (80 graduate)

Mr. Anthony Liu (62 graduate)


Mr. David Cheung (94 graduate)

Mr. Kenny Chong (94 graduate)

Mr. Jason Ho (01 graduate)

Mr. Albert Hong (75 graduate)

Mr. Aaron Lee (94 graduate)

Mr. Joseph Lee (69 graduate)

Mr. Thomas Lee (78 graduate)

Mr. Leo Man (91 graduate)

Mr. Jonathan Man (94 graduate)

Mr. Winson Nagi (98 graduate)

Mr. Amen So (94 graduate)

Mr. David Tam (03 graduate)

Mr. Andrew Wu  (69 graduate)

Mr. Ben Yuen (09 graduate)

Mr. Douglas Chan (03 graduate)

Mr. David Cheung (94 graduate)

Mr. Howard Ho (03 graduate)

Mr. Jason Ho (01 graduate)

Mr. Aaron Lee (94 graduate)

Mr. Joseph Lee (69 graduate)

Mr. Thomas Lee (78 graduate)

Mr. Jonathan Man (94 graduate)

Mr. Winson Nagi (98 graduate)

Mr. David Tam (03 graduate)

Mr. Andrew Wu (69 graduate)

Mr. Ben Yuen (09 graduate)



Mr. Chris Lui Yiu-sun

Miss Alice Chiu Man-fei

Mr. Chris Lui Yiu-sun

Miss Crystal Chan Man-ying

Spiritual Director

Rev. Fr. Simon Lam

Rev. Fr. Simon Lam


Mr. Lo Chi-wing

Mr. Lo Chi-wing