Appeal Letter for Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund

To reciprocate to our alma mater, as easy as ABC!


Dear fellow brothers,


Report on Father Bogadek's condition


Most of you might have already known, our Father Anthony Bogadek received a pacemaker implant operation in August 2021.  At the age of 90, his health condition is deteriorating and he has been moving between St Louis School and hospitals several times during the last couple of weeks.


This is a test on what decent medical care can do for our esteemed Father Bogadek who not only taught many of us, but cared for and nurtured us over some of our most important years.


While SDB has always been taking care of Father’s daily living and basic medical needs, his current state of health warrants frequent hospitalization and 24 hours onsite nursing care on a long-term basis, presenting a high financial burden on SDB. 


To that end, we propose to kickstart a fund raising for Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund (“ABC”). We would like to seek our Old Boys' contribution for the immediate medical expenses and caretaking fees for Father Anthony Bogadek and to provide for his future and on-going needs as and when they arise.


            Status recap


Monthly expenses


$31,000 to $87,000 (depending on the mix of health care workers hired from nursing care agency to the hiring of Filipino helpers)


Already raised


$350,000 since July 2021




$108,000 as of end-September 2021


As of now, funds amounted to $350,000 were raised and the balance as of end of September 2021 is estimated to be around $108,000. Taking into account the current projected monthly expenses, we will run out of cash by end of October 2021. 


We trust that our Old Boys will make generous contributions. We plan to apply the contributed funding in a structured and accountable manner covering the following items:-

  • Father Bogadek’s hospital action and actual medical costs (thanks to the generosity of our medical alumni who have provided medical care free of charge which reduced the costs significantly).
  • Medical monitoring equipment and premises improvement costs for Father Bogadek’s living room.
  • Ongoing medical care consumable expenses and external caretaker fees in the hospital and future in-house caretaker fees estimated at around $31,000 to $87,000 per month but will be less when Father Bogadek recovers further.


If there is any surplus funds remaining after application for the above items, they will be earmarked for establishing Scholarship for St Louis School Biology students as well as support to the Braga House (少懷之家, the retirement house for Salesian fathers and brothers).


It is time that this brotherhood unites everyone’s efforts to give back to our Father Bogadek.


An executive group has been established (Please see Appendix) for the proper administer of the fund and to ensure transparency and accountability on all disbursement of the donations. 


SLOBA has also agreed assisting in this fund-raising campaign by announcing to all old boys through SLOBA communication channels.  The fund will be kept by SLOBA and will be separately accounted for and monitored closely by the executive group. Reports on disbursement will be announced in the SLOBA website and made available to any donors on request.


To ensure Father Bogadek’s quality of life under dedicated care, we will require your generosity. Please kindly fill in the attached donation form (with an individual form and a group form) and we are happy to answer any questions you have. If you have any inquiries or would like to offer help in taking care of Father Bogadek, please feel free to get in touch with us via . Looking forward to seeing supports from you. 


We strongly believe to reciprocate to our alma mater is as easy as ABC!


Your sincerely,

 Dr Dominic Sinn (1968)

 Dr James Lee (1981)

 Ken Kwan (1986)

 Dr Michael Lau (1980)

 Vincent Chang (1986)

 (Executive Committee of Fr. Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund)


2 October 2021