Letter from old boys about Father Bogadek

Letter from old boys for Fr. Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund


Our Father Anthony Bogadek received a pacemaker implant operation in August 2021 and required extra medical care afterward.  He is now in his 90 and his health condition is deteriorating.  To reciprocate to our alma mater and to express the heartfelt gratitude to our teacher, a group of St. Louis Old Boys (who graduated between 1968 - 1986) formed an Executive Committee to organise a campaign to siphon financial resources to support Father Anthony Bogadek’s daily living and basic medical needs.  Father Matthew Chan will be the spiritual adviser to the Executive Committee.


This group of old boys (please refer to their profile at ABC Executive Committee Profile approached SLOBA for administrative support and we are pleased to assist this meaningful initiative and provide operational supports. Please refer to ABC Flow for the diagrammatic illustration of the campaign and SLOBA involvements.  To better coordinate this initiative, SLOBA will appoint one ex officio member to this Executive Committee. 

Please see attached the Appeal Letter (http://www.sloba.org/?cmd=news&itemID=93) - ABC Appeal Letter issued by the Executive Committee and please feel to contact the Executive Committee directly via anthony.bogadek.caring@gmail.com or via sloba@sloba.org / 5285 7156 (WhatsApp) if you would like to know more on this campaign.  Your brothers at SLOBA would like to seek your support to this campaign and the donation form could be downloaded at ABC Donation Form - Individual and ABC Donation Form - Group.


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