SL90 Conservation Project of Fr. Bogadek’s Research Works in Biology

Message from SLOBA

April 7, 2017

Dear St. Louis Old Boys,

Subject: SL90 Conservation Project of Fr. Bogadek’s Research Works in Biology

On May 26, 2016 I have reported the incidence of the Disposal of Fr. Bogedek’s Specimens.  Over the last 10 months all the concerned parties have worked together, and we are on the way to bring back the life of the Research Works that Fr. Bogadek has put all his 50 years hard work from St. Louis into the world of Biology.

A project that would encompass cross platforms was officially formed since October 2016, about 5 months after the tragic loss of some very precious specimen from the Biology Laboratory.  With the blessing from the School Authority, Fr. Matthew Chan the Supervisor, Mr. Peter Yu the Principal endorsed the establishment of this project, in celebrating the 90th Year of St. Louis School.

SL90 Conservation Project of Fr. Bogadek’s Research Work in Biology

Principal Consultant:   Fr. Bogadek

Project Manager:        Dr. Clive Fung Kin Yue, Old Boy of 1983, SLOBA

Teacher-in-charge:     Mr. Patrick Chan, Old Boy of 2001, Biology Teacher

Technical Consultants: Dr. Michael Lau Wai Ning (1980), Director of Wetlands Conservation, WWF

Professor Dr. Raphael Chan Chiu Yeung (1969), Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Team Members to support operations of this meaningful project include:

Mr. Lo Chi Wing, the Vice Principal; Mr. Patrick Pak, Mr. John Wong, Mr. Alex Wong, Mr. Allen Chan, Mr. Dominic Leung, Mr. Winson Kam, Mr. Ricky Cheung, and Mr. John Po; and a list of students in St. Louis School as well as current students in the Universities.

The missions of this project:

  1. To bring to life the Research Works that Fr. Bogadek and students have done over the last 50 years;
  2. To restore the data of the Researches that Fr. Bogadek and students have succeeded for display and for education use;
  3. To furnish the St. Louis Biology Laboratory so that the Research Works can be displayed in a modernized environment.

To achieve the abovementioned missions, the Project Team plans to make the following available:

  1. To restore and revitalize the existing specimens in the Biology Laboratory;
  2. To capture the historic data and narratives by interviewing Fr. Bogadek and related old boys, to bring back the history of the works;
  3. To design and perform constructions to upgrade the Biology Laboratory; 
  4. To digitally record and manage the data collected for the specimens and images of the historic collections.

There are four teams comprising Teachers, Students, and Old Boys responsible for the following:

  1. Laboratory Improvement;
  2. Specimens Management;
  3. Interview Fr. Bogadek and Story Writing
  4. Process and Information Recording and Distribution

The first major work has started on February 25, 2017 that the specimens were properly recorded in categories, reinstated in modern storage mode, photographed and stored digitally.  3D images are in process so that they can be viewed on line when they are ready.

The second sorting and preparation work was made on March 26, 2017 in a larger scale to include most of the specimen.

The next step will be to interview the Principal Consultant for a more complete storybook.

In a later stage, when the upgrading renovation plan is available, the Project Team will seek funding support from the stakeholders and the old boys to complete the plan.


John Po

President, SLOBA

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