SLOBA Council 2012/13 and New Website

Dear Aloysians,

First of all, I hope that you have had good holidays during Christmas and New Year.  On Christmas Eve, many of us (including myself) brought our families to the midnight mass in the St. Louis chapel.  When I saw the happy face of current students, I recalled a lot of fond memories and what Salesian Fathers said to my class on our last day as St. Louis students – “the door of St. Louis is always open for you and your families”.

Slightly before Christmas, SLOBA’s AGM and Council Election was held at The Chinese Banks’ Association on 14 December 2012.  We had a full-house attendance to the meeting as well as to the dinner after that.  Over the event, Dr. Yip shared his experience in the first 100 days as the Principal and introduced the students who volunteered to prepare a video for introducing St. Louis to prospective parents.  After watching the video, old boys gave a big round of applause to Ho Chun Hong (S4B), Ho Kwong Yam (S5A), Lam Wan On Samuel (S6A) and Kwan Wing Lun (S6C)!

For the Year 2013, I am pleased to introduce the newly elected Council to you (see the list below).  We will do our best to make SLOBA home to you and develop opportunities for Aloysians to give back to our root – St. Louis.

Another announcement is that the new website of SLOBA has been launched (  During the AGM, we unveiled the website and used that to present the annual report.  The website is in its infant stage and we will seek contributions from you (photos, articles, reunion news, etc) through separate emails.  With your support, we hope that will be a good place for Aloysians to share and reconnect.

On behalf of the Council, I wish you a Healthy and Prosperous 2013.


P.S. Please follow this link if you are interested in the video (  


2012/13 SLOBA Council

President: Francis Lo Tat Chi (1991)

Vice President: Tang Shun Cheung (1976)

Secretary: Tom Chan Chi Wai (2004)

Treasurer: Jason Ho Wai Kit (2001)

Liaison Officer: Peter Ko Sze Ho (1965)

Sports Officer: Sunny Tam Yat Sing (1990)

Functions Officer: Billy Chang Yu Man (1991)

Welfare Officer: David Tjiu Cheung San (1992)

Education Officer: Dominic Leung Man Chung (1993)

Director: John Po Kam Hi (1974)

Director: Thomas Leung Tze Wong (1978)

Director: Benny Wong Yat Wa (1991)

Director: Dominic Sham Heung Kuen (1977)

Director: Stanley Lo Hok King (1984)

Director: Manson Kwok Man Chun (2003)