Statement from the President (2)

June 1, 2016


Statement from the President (2)


Dear Aloysians,


Following the announcement of the appointing Supervisor for St. Louis School, we have also learned that there will be a change of the Principal of the School.


The Principal Dr. W.M. Yip has tendered his resignation lately to the Supervisor and the IMC, for his personal reasons. On behalf of the SLOBA, I would like to thank Dr. Yip for his tremendous effort displayed to the School during the past years.  His consciousness towards the students and the School environment has been very well appreciated.  I would particularly be thankful to Dr. Yip for his concerns and listens to the words from the old boys.


I would wish Dr. Yip all the best for his future endeavors.


Mr. Yu Lap Fun Peter, was recommended and approved by the IMC on May 31, 2016, to be the succeeding Principal, effective the new school year in 2016.  Mr. Yu is the Principal of Aberdeen Technical School.  As the Supervisor introduces, Principal Yu is highly recommended within the Salesian sponsoring body, and a transfer to St. Louis School with his immense experience and background of a brother school.  


I would like to welcome Mr. Peter Yu to join as the Principal of our alma mater, with his unique visions to manage the school, and foster the Spirit of St. Louis.



Yours Sincerely,



Po Kam Hi John


SLOBA 2016