Statement from the President

June 1, 2016


Statement from the President


Dear Aloysians,


SLOBA has been informed about a resolution of the IMC Meeting of St. Louis School, held on May 31, 2016, that there will be a change of the School Supervisor for the new scholastic year in 2016.  The Salesian Provincial, the Very Rev. Fr. Fedrigotti has announced the appointment of the new Supervisor, and indicated that this represents a normal alteration of management within the SDB, to respond to the rapidly changing environment of the city.


Rev. Fr. Lam Chung Wai Simon, the Supervisor, will focus on his post as Rector at St. John Bosco House, and as the Supervisor of Aberdeen Technical School.  There Fr. Lam is proud of the caring facilities for an incumbent of 120 live-in students. 


Rev. Fr. Chan Hung Kee Matthew, the Rector of Immaculate Heart of Mary House; and the Supervisor of Salesian School, was nominated and appointed as the Supervisor of St. Louis School, and the Supervisor of St. Louis School (Primary Section).


The change will be taken place gradually so that a smooth transition is expected.  


Rev. Fr. Simon Lam has served St. Louis School since 1986.  He has been the Supervisor of the School for the 30 years and a respectful education professional who has fostered our young generation of students. 


He has also served as the Provincial of SDB from 2006 to 2012.  


As president of the SLOBA, I would express my highest gratitude to Fr. Simon Lam for his enduring contribution to the School.  Students and old boys alike would remember Fr. Simon a caring principal and supervisor who would understand the needs of students and support them. 


I would also like to warmly welcome Rev. Fr. Matthew Chan to succeed the position of Supervisor of our alma mater.  I wish him all the best and appreciate his endeavor to guide St. Louis School to a new chapter.






Po Kam Hi John


SLOBA 2016