RE: Appeal to the Result of the Alumni Manager Election

Dear Members,
RE: Appeal to the Result of the Alumni Manager Election
An election held for the purpose of making nomination of the alumni manager of the Incorporated Management Committee of St. Louis School under Section 40AP of the Education Ordinance was held on 21 May 2016 in accordance with article 66.
An appeal was lodged to the Board of Directors in writing by the unsuccessful candidate on the seventh day (30 May 2016) upon official announcement of the election result under article 66.30.  The appellant opposed disclosing his appeal letter to the other candidate and any of the voters.
In accordance with article 66.31, an ad-hoc committee with 3 directors was formed on 30 May 2016 to conduct an investigation into the appeal, and to submit an investigation report to the Board of Directors as soon as practicable.
The Board of Directors will use its best endeavor to ensure the process is fair and transparent.  The Board of Directors shall decide whether to allow or dismiss an appeal and will announce the decision as soon as practicable.
Yours faithfully,
John Po