Letter to the Old Boys from SLOBA

St. Louis Old Boys Association

April 24, 2015

Dear Aloysians,

A sincere word of thanks to all the old boys who entrusted the new council of SLOBA 2015 with their endorsement at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday April 18, 2015 at St. Louis School!

You can see that the council has brought in old boys across 40-years span of graduates with talents from various disciplines and experience through the great work of the Proposer and the Seconder!

Right after the AGM, the council-elect held their first Directors’ Meeting on the same evening, and elected among themselves the office bearers. Herewith please find a list of the directors of the Council for the year, and a brief introduction of everyone.

SLOBA Council 2015

President – John Po Kam Hi (1974)
Vice President – Stanley Lo Hok King (1984)
Hon. Secretary – Ivan Shiu Kwan Tai (2004)
Hon. Treasurer – Jason Ho Wai Kit (2001)
Sports Officer – Clive Fung Kin Yue (1983)
Welfare Officer – Dominic Leung Man Chung (1993)
Education Officer – David Tam Tai Wai (2003)
Liaison Officer – Tom Chan Chi Wai (2004)
Director – Melthon Wong Wing Chee (1993)
Director – Teddy Kwong Tat Tak (1982)
Director – Peter Ko Sze Ho (1965)
Director – Aloysius Martin So Yirk Yu (1969)
Director – John Liu Yee Man (1971)
Director – Dominic Sham Heung Kuen (1977)
Director – Thomas Leung Tze Wong (1978)

Apart from the statutory requirement of official posts under the M&A of SLOBA, the council has assigned specific functions to directors overseeing different areas:

Melthon Wong is Director, Membership
Teddy Kwong is Director, Academic Affairs
Peter Ko is Director, Alumni & Salesian Coordination
Dominic Sham is Director, Fellowship Coordination
Martin So, John Liu and Thomas Leung are Directors, Consulting

Co-operate Technical Director is Allen Chan

I would dare say that every one of the directors would be a legend of his respective era in St. Louis not to mention everyone a respectable citizen of the society and reputable professional and businessman alike. The talents the directors will bring to the council and SLOBA, and their decent works and services, would no doubt deliver the missions and visions we have envisaged and promised. Directors from their respective task fields will quickly build their teams up to perform their respective functions. We would also like to see that you our members would volunteer to help them if you are approached.

At this age of changes in Hong Kong, the way SLOBA reacts to the environment will undoubtedly be changing, in a diligent manner. We will be continuing the activities for old boys and students which are important. We will also be responding positively to concerns and critics from members and stakeholders. The council will actively coordinate with the School and extend supports whenever needed.

With this in mind, the Council sets priorities and tasks as follows:
1. Networking of old boys across many platforms, as we have been promoting;
2. Concerns and supports the development of St. Louis School, provides any necessary and meaningful supports;
3. Strengthen matters of SLOBA, the administration, the membership network and data management;
4. Organize and encourage activities among members and brother associations to enhance friendship.

A series of technical enhancement from the Internet has already started. Old Boys and interested parties can reach SLOBA from our website, as well as Facebook links when you want it. Please be sure to Like the SLOBA Facebook page when you have a chance to visit it.

You will be hearing from us from time to time.


John Po
SLOBA 2015