Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund (4 Nov 2022 Report)

We need your further financial support to Father Bogadek!


Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund

Statement of Disbursements for the period ended 30 September 2022


History: Establishment of Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund

  • Our Father Anthony Bogadek received a pacemaker implant operation in August 2021 and required extra medical care afterwards.  Father Bogadek is already in his 90s and health condition is stable but slowly deteriorating.  To reciprocate to our alma mater and to express the heartfelt gratitude to our teacher, a group of St. Louis Old Boys (who graduated between 1968 - 1986) formed an Executive Committee in September 2021 to organise a campaign to siphon financial resources to support Father Bogadek’s daily living and basic medical needs and also invited Father Matthew Chan as the spiritual adviser to the Executive Committee of the Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund (“ABC Fund”).
  • The fund-raising campaign was launched in October 2021 which marked the beginning of the ABC Fund.


Words from the ABC Fund Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee members were profoundly saddened by the passing away of Mr. Ken Kwan our fellow Executive Committee members) in September 2022. Ken is a key member in putting together the ABC Fund and the overall healthcare support for Father Bogadek.
  • The Executive Committee members would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Father Matthew Chan, our spiritual adviser for his guidance, Salesians of Don Bosco China Province of Mary Help of Christians (鮑思高慈幼會聖母 進教之佑中華會省) for securing a significant discount for hospital charges, our fellow brothers for the financial support and SLOBA team for collecting the donations on ABC Fund’s behalf.
  • The Executive Committee members remain vigilant in monitoring the cash positions of the ABC Fund. Based on our current projections, the on-hand cash should be adequate to support Father Bogadek until December 2022.
  • To provide seamless support to Father Bogadek, the Executive Committee would like to launch the next round of fund-raising with target sum HK$300,000- to cover estimated support costs to end of 2023.
  • We strongly believe to reciprocate to our alma mater is as easy as ABC! We earnestly look forward to receiving your continuing support to the ABC Fund. (Individual / group donation forms)


Current status: Father Anthony Bogadek

  • Father Bogadek could no longer take care of himself and round-the-clock care is required. These necessary care services include: provide more frequent and smaller-portion food to increase daily food/drink intake and to build up appetite as well as regular daily exercises / outdoor movements (in wheelchair) to improve mobility.
  • The overall medical care and health monitoring is under the guidance of a group of our fellow brothers in various medical professions (including physicians, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy).
  • The day-to-day care services were initially supported purely by external daily-waged caretakers (2 shifts of 12 hrs per day) and costed around $75,000 to $80,000 per month. A Filipino domestic helper came onboard in December 2021 reducing the monthly recurring caretaker expenses to around $50,000 per month (day shift by Filipino helper and night shift by daily-waged caretaker).  We have a new Pilipino helper reported to duty in September 2022 and we now have a total of two Pilipino caretakers to provide support to Father Bogadek and significantly reduced the cost of engaging external part-time caretakers.  Currently, the monthly running cost is around HK$25,000. This current monthly support costs of HK$25,000 comprised of (a) salaries of 2 Filipino caretakers, (b) cost of caretaker relief shifts on every Sunday (2 shifts per Sunday x 4 or 5), and (c) provision of daily accessories & nursing care supplies etc.
  • Father Bogadek was infected by COVID in July 2022 and is now fully recovered with the care and concern of our Salesian Fathers, fellow SLS brothers and the caretakers.


Financial Recap: ABC Fund

  • The initial fund-raising campaign was launched in October 2021 with HK$369,259.00 raised which marked the beginning of the Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund ("ABC Fund").
  • The second-round fund-raising was launched in April 2021 with another HK$314,300.00 raised. (Total amount raised under the ABC Fund campaign amounted to HK$683,559.00).
  • Before launching the ABC Fund, fellow brothers of various years including class of 1969, 1972, 1979, 1980 and 1982 pooled together a total of HK$358,585 (the “Predecessor Funds”) to support Father Bogadek’s caring needs for the pacemaker operation and post-operation care. The amount thus pooled previously were fully utilised in November 2021 and the ABC Fund kicked in thereafter.
  • For full transparency and comprehensiveness, the ABC Fund’s Statement of Disbursements included the donations to and disbursements made from the Predecessor Funds.
  • The cumulative disbursements (from ABC Fund and the Predecessor Funds) thus made were mainly for caretaker expenses as well as hospital in-patient expenses. We are glad that with the kind support from our fellow brothers in the health care professions, no fee was charged for their professional services. The hospital expenses included only actual hospital charges as well as actual cost of pacemaker.


Your Executive Committee members will keep you posted on the operating status of the ABC Fund and, once again, cordially invite your financial support to replenish the existing funding which is expected to be fully utilised by December 2022.


Your sincerely,

  Dr Dominic Sinn (1968)

  Dr James Lee (1981)

  Dr Michael Lau (1980)

  Vincent Chang (1986)

 (Executive Committee of Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund)