Appeal Letter for Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund - March 2022

We need your further financial support to Father Bogadek!


Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund


We are delighted to share the following status recap of the Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund:

  • Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund (the “ABC Fund”) raised a total of HK$369,259 since October 2021. (On top of the HK$358,585 previously raised by Predecessor Funds pooled by SLS brothers of various classes).
  • The cumulative disbursements (from ABC Fund and the Predecessor Funds) thus made were mainly for caretaker expenses as well as actual hospital in-patient expenses. (No fee charged for professional services provided by our fellow brothers in the medical profession).
  • The remaining cash (HK$117,878) as of end of Feb 2022 of the ABC Fund should be adequate to support Father Bogadek until April 2022.
  • To provide seamless support to Father Bogadek, the Executive Committee would like to launch the next round of fund-raising with target sum HK$500,000- to cover estimated support costs to end of 2022.
  • To ensure Father Bogadek’s quality of life under dedicated care, we will require your continuous generosity. Please kindly fill in the attached donation form (with an individual form and a group form) to support the ABC Fund.  If you have any inquiries or would like to offer help in taking care of Father Bogadek, please feel free to get in touch with us via


Looking forward to seeing supports from you.


Your sincerely,

  Dr Dominic Sinn (1968)

  Dr James Lee (1981)

  Ken Kwan (1986)

  Dr Michael Lau (1980)

  Vincent Chang (1986)

 (Executive Committee of Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund)