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Class 1982 (30th Anniversary)

Time really flies, it has already been 30 years since our graduation from our Alma Mater.
Our 1982 class should all feel very grateful to have the chance to catch up with each other, some of us may have lost contact for decades.
More importantly, we very much hope to have a thanksgiving evening showing great respect to our reverent fathers and teachers.
With all the great concerted efforts from a much bigger organising team this year, we all very much enjoyed a graceful evening on 22 Sep at a clubhouse at Causeway Bay, warmly attended by a number close to 100, comprising our 1982 classmates and 18 teaching masters.
Featured by the "dress code" of wearing white shirts with a specially designed school ties for the 1982 class, it has stirred up a lot of our deep-rooted and sweet memories.  We also feel gifted to have the chance to mingle with each other as many of us have been "lost" for decades, and some of us even flying over from other parts of the world.
Last but not the least, we all treasured the moments with our fellow teaching masters, most of them have retired and been enjoying their lives.  We all felt very amazed by having some of their "secrets" revealed and some of them also shared with us their latest update.
The organising committee members are indeed very encouraged to see continuous discussions weeks after the event.

Would God blesses us all and our families.  Long live our Alma Mater!

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