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Class 1976 (35th Anniversary)

Father Peter Ng, the previous Principal of St. Louis, is an old boy of our school. He graduated from form five in the year 1976. After serving our school as Principal for ten years, he has just retired from the post, focusing himself on religious missions.
In 2010, our class organized a home-coming event for our classmate, Professor Patrick Sung. He is the Chair Professor of the Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University School of Medicine. He hosted a lecture for the students of St. Louis to enrich their knowledge in the science of DNA. The lecture was held in Wang GungWu Theatre of HKU. The other day, Professor Sung went to St. Louis to meet students to talk about his school days.
After holding the 30th anniversary class reunion in 2005, we organized the 35th anniversary class reunion in December, 2011. The gathering was held in BP International Hotel. There were over 100 people attending this function, including priests, teachers, old boys and families, together with a group of scouts from our school, the winning team of Carlton Trophy. Teachers and priests included Fr. A. Bogadek, Br. E. Kowala, Mr Lo Chi Wing, 白耀燦老師, 鍾啟智老師, 李志剛老師, Mr B. Williamson, Mr Graham Lock, Mr & Mrs Paul Chan Tin Fu, Fr. M. McKenna, Mr Daniel da Silva, 吳多祿神父, 黃光照神父, 李鎮河老師, 譚敬齡老師, 孫澤泉老師, 伍超文老師, 羅淦基先生 and 吳國翰老師. Many of our classmates flied back from Canada and Australia, just to join this gathering. We all enjoyed it and sang the School Song at the end of the dinner.
After two years of preparatory work since 2010, we have organized a program between St. Louis School and Yale University with the full support of Professor Patrick. In July, 2012, we have arranged two form six students, Sam Wong and Brenton Ng, to join a summer internship program at Yale University Department of Biochemistry. Our classmates have sponsored $30,000 for each student as travelling expenses and air tickets. After returning to Hong Kong, they had an interview by Singtao Daily with extensive coverage. This summer program will be held again next year and St. Louis School is now selecting the right candidates.
Dr. Tang Shun Cheung
October 2012

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