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Class 1969 (45th Anniversary)

The 45th Graduation Anniversary Gathering was successfully held between Mar 28 – 30, 2014 in Hong Kong. The Gathering consisted of a 3-day programmed activity. 

Day-1 (Mar 28 Friday) 

Day-1 started with a noon yumcha session at the Craigengower Cricket Club in Happy Valley where all participants gathered to meet and greet with each other.  It was followed by a social hour gathering in the afternoon when there were more interactions among our classmates and guests under a casual atmosphere with served cocktail drinks and music.  Towards the evening, we had the honour of having Fr Anthony BOGADEK 鮑嘉天神父 to officiate the cut-cake ceremony and gave blessings for our attendants of the 45th Graduation Anniversary before we started the Chinese banquet dinner.  The dinner was fun-filled with Powerpoint shows, speeches by honoured guests and classmates, and presentations of archive photos with background music.

The Anniversary dinner was well attended by 31 local classmates with 11 accompanied persons, 13 overseas classmates with 4 accompanied persons, 9 invited guests including Fr Anthony BOGADEK 鮑嘉天神父, Fr Simon LAM 林仲偉神父, Br Edward KOWALA 高懷黎修士, SLS Rector Fr WONG Kwong Chiu 黃 光照神父, SLS Principal Dr YIP Wai Ming 葉偉明校長, retired teachers Mr NG Kwok Hon 吳國翰老師 and Mr TAM King Ling 譚敬齡老師, retired SLS Secretary HO Bo Kui 何寶駒書記 and SLOBA President Mr Francis LO 羅達智先生. 

Day-2 (Mar 29 Saturday)   

Day-2 activity was a smaller scaled gathering and targeted mainly for overseas classmates. It started with a brief visit to the SLS compound in the morning and followed by a guided tour to the University of Hong Kong Campus.  

Day-3 (Mar 30 Sunday) 

Due to the unstable weather conditions on the day, the original planned local bus tour schedule had to be cancelled and modified to a more flexible route plan.  A total of 17 attendants (locals and overseas) participated in the tour which included a morning yumcha and a late lunch in Castle Peak in the New Territories.   


It was very encouraging for our Class of 1969 to have such a good response of 46 classmates turning up for this function.  The Hong Kong locals were especially thankful and grateful for the overseas classmates and their accompanied persons having travelled miles from abroad back to Hong Kong attending the Reunion.  All the attendants felt that the Reunion provided them with a good chance of meeting again the acquaintances made half century ago and such should be treasured each and every time we meet.  


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